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About Kymistri Wellness

The Ultimate Practice to Change Your Life

Kymistri Wellness is committed to building a community and movement for BIack and Brown women to: 

  • Come together for personal and collective healing, where you can be seen and heard;

  • Unlearn and reject society’s clichéd labels, narratives, and generalizations; in turn, cultivating positive energy;

  • Uplift and affirm one another to counteract adverse experiences in society.

In-Person or Virtual Class Offerings:

  • Yoga classes (60 minute sessions)

  • Private or Semi-Private (2 people) sessions

  • Small group sessions (minimum of 5 people)

  • Large group sessions (minimum of 10 people)

  • Sound Healing sessions (30, 45, 60 minute session)

  • Private or Semi-Private (2 people) sessions

  • Corporate Wellness sessions

  • Curated Combination sessions (Yoga and Sound Healing)​​


Why Kymistri Wellness?

Suitable for Beginners

Group and Corporate Offerings



Different Styles of Yoga


Semi-Private Sessions

Registered Yoga Teachers

Discover Your Power with Kymistri!

  • What styles of yoga are offered?
    Styles of yoga offered include: Vinyasa yoga - connects individual poses (asanas) with deep breathing (pranayama) through flowing sequences of movement. Yin yoga - a more passive style that incorporates long holds of poses and deeper breathing for stretching. Restorative yoga - incorporates rest through holding poses for longer times (5-20 minutes) with props (yoga blocks, straps, bolster or blanket). Deep relaxation helps to release tension from the mind and body. Yin and Restorative yoga also complement the flow and movement of Vinyasa yoga.
  • Are classes beginner friendly?
    It is helpful to have some knowledge of poses; however, there is a fluidity that allows a beginner to follow along. Also, with more time on the mat, connecting movement (poses) to the breath will become second nature.
  • Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?
    You do not need to be flexible to do yoga. Flexibility and strength will be gained over time with a regular yoga practice.
  • I am not “fit”. Is yoga for me?
    Yoga is for all. There is no strength requirement. Yoga is both a physical and emotional activity. Consistent practice will improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • What should I expect?
    Yoga classes are 60 minutes and will begin with setting an intention, a warm up and series of poses, followed by a final resting pose (savasana).
  • What should I bring?
    Be sure to bring a yoga mat, towel, a bottle of water, and yoga props (if available). Props include yoga blocks, yoga blanket, yoga bolster, and/or a yoga strap.
  • Are modifications for poses offered?
    Yes. Modifications are provided for all poses.
  • What should I eat before class?
    Eating something very light before class such as a handful of nuts, a high-fiber, high-protein energy bar, or high-fiber piece of fruit should suffice. To stay hydrated through class, drink water prior to class and during as needed.
  • What if I am late to class?
    Classes will begin no later than 5 minutes after the hour to honor both the students and instructor’s time. Be sure to early cancel, which is no later than 6 hours prior to class start time to eliminate cancellation/no show fees.
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