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About Kymistri Wellness

The Ultimate Practice to Change Your Life

Kymistri Wellness is committed to building a community and movement for BIPOC women to: 

  • Come together for personal and collective healing, where you can be seen and heard;

  • Unlearn and reject society’s clichéd labels, narratives, and generalizations; in turn, cultivating positive energy;

  • Uplift and affirm one another to counteract adverse experiences in society.

In-Person or Virtual Class Offerings:

  • Yoga classes (60 minute sessions)

  • Private or Semi-Private (2 people) sessions

  • Small group sessions (minimum of 5 people)

  • Large group sessions (minimum of 10 people)

  • Meditation sessions (45, 60 minute session)

  • Private or Semi-Private (2 people) sessions

  • Corporate classes

  • Single and Multi-Class passes available


Why Kymistri Wellness?

Suitable for Beginners

Group and Corporate Offerings



Different Styles of Yoga


Semi-Private Sessions

Registered Yoga Teachers

Protect Your Energy with Kymistri!

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